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Paved facades & entrances

For professional landscaping of your facade, Solstice designs balconies, stairs, and landings in interlocking pavers. The company also offers the installation of retaining walls, sidewalks, and flower beds.

Façade en pavés

Sleek stone storefront

Large balcony, retaining wall, driveway entrance, and wide contemporary-style sidewalk leading to the back. The design creates an open space for guests and perfectly complements the distinguished facade of the residence. The planting of small clustered rows of coniferous trees corresponds to the modern and sleek look desired by the homeowners.

A modern look that enhances the value of the property!

Sleek balcony, stairs & retaining walls

The clients wanted more space and openness at the porch and stairs area. Two retaining walls at different levels effectively isolate each element of the outdoor layout.

A straight-lined interlocking paver in natural colors provides a great complement to the style found inside the residence.

Retaining wall & interlocking pavers

Here is a simple, elegant, and practical descent. The parking area is well-defined with a stone border that blends seamlessly with the rest of the landscaping.

The progression of the landing and retaining walls adds a beautiful asymmetry that highlights each section of the landscape design. The alternating perennials and conifers bring stability and simplicity to the design.

European-style retaining wall & stairs

For the renovation of the retaining wall and stairs, the clients wanted more durable and noble materials than wood. That's why a European-style stone, cut into large blocks, was chosen.


A rustic-textured interlocking paver, along with hand-chiseled borders, beautifully complements the retaining wall and stairs, giving a natural and timeless look to the landscaping design.

Stone staircase

A small stone staircase and an interlocking paver landing that seamlessly matches the brick of the house. The integration is beautifully achieved with the inclusion of pavers at the asphalt driveway entrance.


The planting consists of low-maintenance perennials and shrubs. A stone border defines the lawn, flower bed, and driveway.


Talk to us about your landscaping project

If you're in search of a quality landscaping company in Outaouais, look no further than Solstice Landscaping. We take great pride in our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and bringing your outdoor space to life. Contact us today to discuss your next project !

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