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Backyard landscaping, pool & spa

Solstice Landscaping offers a wide range of products and services to enhance your backyard. Contours of inground pools, unistone terraces, outdoor fireplaces and flowerbeds help create the ideal environment.

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Outdoor kitchen for BBQ lovers

Natural gas and charcoal BBQ built into a stone island with western red cedar accents. Practical sink for cleaning and preparing food. This type of outdoor kitchen offers much more work space than the traditional BBQ and perfectly complements the landscaping of the backyard.

Spa, swimming pool and lounge : a modern and contemporary look

The sleek terrace gives access to the spa while keeping in touch with the new environment, the swimming pool including  chute d'eau, the lounge and the dining room section.


The linear style maximizes the available space of the backyard and ensures that the landscaping will survive for many years to the different trends.

View of the outdoor fireplace

The three-level layout of this backyard allows each element of the design to be clearly defined. The top of the wooden patio hosts the BBQ as well as a small bistro table, offering quick access to the kitchen. The second level consists of a dining room sheltered under a pergola in a modern and refined style. At ground level, there is a paved terrace with a wood-burning fireplace for campfire evenings.

Large spaces in the city

For this huge suburban backyard, the work came in two parts: the in-ground pool and the deck near the house.

The swimming pool section had to accommodate lounge chairs and an area sheltered from the scorching mid-day sun. A paving stone relaxation area and a wooden pergola were built around the pool to meet these requirements.

Landscaping with a Californian villa look

For this recent construction, everything had to be built from scratch! The backyard was designed to accommodate a large dining table, a lounge area, and a section with sun loungers for relaxation and sunbathing. A wooden pergola was constructed on stone columns to provide height and create an enveloping and intimate atmosphere.

Backyard of neighboring townhouses

The large treated wood deck on the ground with its privacy screens on each side allows you to make the most of the backyard of this townhouse.


The stone accents in natural tones as well as the insertion of reinforcements and black steel bars bring a lot of character to the Nordic concept of this layout.

High wooden patio with a view of the lounge

The difference in level between the courtyard and the rear exit of this townhouse dictated the use of wood in order to maximize the available space. The owners like to use the BBQ while having a cocktail on the upper wooden patio. The latter offers a direct view of the relaxation area, which allows you to keep in touch with the friends and guests who meet there.


Talk to us about your landscaping project

If you're in search of a quality landscaping company in Outaouais, look no further than Solstice Landscaping. We take great pride in our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and bringing your outdoor space to life. Contact us today to discuss your next project !

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